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・Basic Usage

First of all, please see Basic Usage !

・List of Added Turtles.

TLiquid TurtleWorks with Liquid.
TShearing TurtleWorks with Shears.
TFeeding TurtleFeeds animals.
TMilking TurtleGets Milk and Stew.
TFishery TurtleFishes.
TTofu TurtleWorks in collaboration with "Tofu Craft".
TMaid TurtleWorks in collaboration with "little Maid Mob".
PFortune TurtleDigs with "Fortune".
PSilk Touch TurtleDigs with "Silk Touch".
PLooting TurtleAttacks with "Looting".
PLuck TurtleFishes with "Luck of the Sea".
PLight TurtleGets the information about brigtness.
PBiome TurtleGets the information about biomes.
PDimensional TurtleGets the information about dimensions, and travel between dimensions.
PProjectile TurtleShoots the items Dispenser can project.
PDanmaku TurtleWorks in collaboration with "Five Impossible Tasks MOD+".