MoreTurtles -> Config


You can change configurations about fuel consumption of MoreTurtles' turtles.

  • consumeFuel:If false, the added turtles don't consume fuel. True is default.
  • consumedFuelLevel:Sets the fuel consumption level. 1 is default.
    Some methods will consume level+1 for Luck Turtle, level*10 for Dimensional Turtle, and just level for other turtles.


Upgrade IDs of MoreTurtles' turtles.
Just change each ID when you happen to meet an incompatibility aginst other CC addons.

Default values are shown below.

  • liquidTurtleTID:1001
  • shearsTurtleTID:1002
  • feedingTurtleTID:1003
  • milkingTurtleTID:1004
  • fisheryTurtleTID:1005
  • silkTouchTurtlePID:1101
  • fortuneTurtlePID:1102
  • lootingTurtlePID:1103
  • luckTurtlePID:1104
  • lightTurtlePID:1105
  • biomeTurtlePID:1106
  • dimensionalTurtlePID:1107
  • projectileTurtlePID:1108
  • takeTurtleTID:1201 (currently not used.)
  • tofuTurtleTID:1202
  • maidTurtleTID:1203
  • danmakuTurtlePID:1301