"MoreTurtles" is an addon of the Dan200's Mod, "ComputerCraft".
It adds many new turtles, who can take over the player's work.

These turtels' functions are mainly related to Vanila, and CC's beginners could use them easily.
Also, CC's experts can program about many vanilla features with these turtles.

Let's enjoy your wonderful life with them!

Please download the MoreTurtles at Noki's topic in the ComputerCraft Forum.

The information in the reference is about MoreTurtles ver.2.0.0 for Minecraft 1.7.10 and over.
For previous information、see here (Forum).

I added big changes for ver.2.0.0. Please see Version History.

Version Info
 Information about prerequisite mods and available versions.

Added Items and Blocks
 Adds new items and blocks for turtle upgrading.

Added Turtles
 Adds 16 new turtles in total.

  • Liquid Turtle
  • Shearing Turtle
  • Feeding Turtle
  • Milking Turtle
  • Fishery Turtle
  • Tofu Turlte
  • Maid Turtle
  • Fortune Turtle
  • Silk Touch Turtle
  • Looting Turtle
  • Luck Turtle
  • Light Turtle
  • Biome Turtle
  • Dimensional Turtle
  • Projectile Turtle
  • Danmaku Turtle

 Configuration about MoreTurtles.