Minecraft Reference

This is Noki's reference about Minecraft,
in which you can get information about Noki's mods.

Please look through the pages when you play with my mods!





About This Reference
 About this referense and the administrator of the site, Noki.


 MoreTurtles is an addon of ComputerCraft.
 It adds many new turtles, who can take over the player's work.

PresiousShot strongly supports Minecrarft's screenshot system.

The following mods are only distributed in my Japan Forum's topic,
and also mod's explanations are only there.

Waking Chunks
is a simple chunk loader mod.
It can be used as standalone and also with ComputerCraft.

Multiple Camera
adds a "camera block", by witch you can view another place's scenery.
It can be used as standalone and also with ComputerCraft. Now you get Turtle's eyes!

Save Money
is an addon of SexiarySector2.
It adds some blocks and items "saving" your money.

Bouyomi Chat
is a mod, by which BouyomiChan reads aloud the Minecraft's chat lines.

Chunk Visualizer
is a very simple mod, enables you to show chunk borders.
Also it can shot the effective area of Beacons.

Repair Times
is a very simple mod, displays tool's repair cost or times on its tooltips.